News & Events




• Fall semester 2019, Lecture: Fluid Mechanics.  


• Fall semester 2019, Lecture: Experimental Thermo-Fluid Engineering.  


• July 2019, Co-chair, AJK Joint Fluids Engineering Conference 2019.


• March 2019, Conference trip in Boston, US for APS March Meeting. 


• Spring semester 2019, Lecture: Interfacial Flows. 




• Dec. 2018, Hyoungsoo Kim gives an invited talk entitled Evaporation of complex fluids and its applications, Bio-Fluid section, KSME. 


• Dec. 2018, Hyoungsoo and Junkyu, Conference trip in South Korea, KSME.  


• Nov. 2018, Conference trip in Atlanta, US for APS DFD Meeting. 

  Hyoungsoo Kim serves as a chair of the session, D11 Drops and Jets of Complex Fluids)


 Junkyu, Kwangseok, Gilgu, Jonghyoek, and Yewan will present their own research at the APS DFD Meeting.

• October 2018, A new paper accepted in Physical Review Applied. 

• September 2019, We open facebook page, Fluid & Interface Laboratory


• Fall semester 2018, Lecture: Experimental Thermo-Fluid Engineering. 


• September 2018, Dr. Tapan kumar Pradhan joins the lab as a postdocotral position.


• Aug. 2018, A continuous laser (5W) is installed in our lab.   


• Aug. 2018, Conference trip in France for Acoustofluidics conference.


• July 2018, Invited Seminar @ Max Planck Institute (PI: Metin Setti), Germany.


• July 2018, Visiting @ University of Munich, Germany. 


• July 2018, Conference trip in Germany for Experimental Fluid Mechanics conference.


June 2018, Junil Ryu, Ji Hoon Kim, Have Seok Suh, and Chankyu Han join the lab for the individual research. 


• June 2018, New project: Investigation of interfacial instabilities of emulsion and stratification, industrial project with POSCO.


• May 2018, A new paper accepted in Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 


• May 2018, A continuous laser (10W) is installed in our lab.  


• May 2018, An additional High-speed camera, FASTCAM AX200, is installed in our lab. 


• May 2018, Gilgu Lee joins the lab. 


• April 2018, Invited Seminar (PI: Dr. Bae Chang Jun) @ KIMS, Changwon.


• April 2018, A new paper published in Langmuir.


• April 2018, Conference trip in Italy for the Rheology conference and short course.


• March 2018, A high-speed camera, FASTCAM AX200, is installed in our lab.


• March 2018, MCR 502 Rheometer is installed in our lab.


• March 2018, New project: Energy-free mixing and particle separation and uniform coating using solutal Marangoni effects, NRF.


• March 2018, New project: Development of 3D parallel printing and coating optimization method for high-performance & compact battery of mobile machine, KAIST.


• March 2018, Junkyu, Kwangseok, Jonghyeok, and Yewan join the lab.


• Spring semester 2018, Lecture: Interfacial Flows.


• March 2018, A new paper published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.


• January 2018, A new paper published in Physical Review Letters.


• Nov. 2017, Invited Seminar, Mechanical Engineering (Prof. Steve Wereley) @ Purdue University, USA.

• Fall semester 2017, Lecture: Experimental Thermo- and Fluid-Engineering​.


• July 2017, Invited Seminar, Applied Math (Dr. Ian Griffiths) @ Oxford University, UK.


• July 2017, Invited Seminar, Chemical Engineering (Dr. Steven Wang) @ Newcastle University, UK.


• April 2018, Invited Seminar, Process Energy (Prof. Christian Poelma) @ Delft University of Technology, NL.