News & Events




• Fall semester 2019, Lecture: Fluid Mechanics.  


• November 2019, Conference trip in Seattle, US for APS DFD Meeting.  


• September 2019, Organizing committee member for 15th Asian Symposium on Visualization 2019.   


• August 2019, Hyoungsoo Kim will give an invited talk at the international focus workshop, Challenges in Nanoscale Physics of Wetting Phenomena, Max Planck Institute, Germany. [Link] 


• July 2019, Co-chair, AJK Joint Fluids Engineering Conference 2019.


• August-September 2019, Ho Jun Na joins the lab for the internship.    


• July-August 2019, Dong Hee Won joins the lab for the individual study. 


• July-August 2019, Wai Yan Aung joins the lab for the individual study.  


• June 2019, New project: Optimization descaling method using DIP particles, Industrial project, POSCO 


• June 2019, A new paper accepted in Nature Communications.   


• March 2019, New project: Development of real-time gas(odor) visualization mobile system, PREP research, KAIST. 


• March 2019, Conference trip in Boston, US for APS March Meeting.  


• March 2019, Asem Mahmoud joins the lab for the individual study.   


• Spring semester 2019, Lecture: Interfacial Flows. 


• March 2019, Junil Ryu and Mekidelawit Girma join the lab as a maser student. 


• Feb. 2019, Hyoungsoo Kim is a KPF (KAIST Presidential Fellowship) mentor professor.  


• Feb. 2019, A new paper accepted in Soft Matter.  


• Feb. 2019, Hyoungsoo Kim is invited as an Editorial Advisory Board Member of Experiments in Fluids.  


• Jan. 2019, A new paper accepted in Soft Matter. 




• Dec. 2018, Hyoungsoo Kim is invited for a research seminar at Alto University, Finland. 


• Dec. 2018, Hyoungsoo Kim gives two invited talks at Bio-Fluid and microfluidics sections, KSME. 


• Dec. 2018, Hyoungsoo and Junkyu, Conference trip in South Korea, KSME.  

• Nov. 2018, Hyoungsoo Kim received Young Engineer Award from The Korean Society of Visualization.    


• Nov. 2018, Hyoungsoo Kim gives an invited talk at The Korean Society of Visualization.    


• Nov. 2018, Gilgu Lee presented a talk at The Korean Society of Visualization.


• Nov. 2018, Conference trip in Atlanta, US for APS DFD Meeting. 

  Hyoungsoo Kim serves as a chair of the session, D11 Drops and Jets of Complex Fluids.


 Junkyu, Kwangseok, Gilgu, Jonghyoek, and Yewan will present their own research at the APS DFD Meeting.

• November 2018, Jianxin Li joins the lab for a student exchange program for three months.

• October 2018, A new paper accepted in Physical Review Applied. 

• September 2019, We open facebook page, Fluid & Interface Laboratory


• Fall semester 2018, Lecture: Experimental Thermo-Fluid Engineering. 


• Aug. 2018, A continuous laser (5W) is installed in our lab.   


• Aug. 2018, Conference trip in France for Acoustofluidics conference.


• July 2018, Invited Seminar @ Max Planck Institute (PI: Metin Setti), Germany.


• July 2018, Visiting @ University of Munich, Germany. 


• July 2018, Conference trip in Germany for Experimental Fluid Mechanics conference.


• June 2018, A new paper accepted in Lab-on-a-chip.  


June 2018, Junil Ryu, Ji Hoon Kim, Have Seok Suh, and Chankyu Han join the lab for the individual research. 


• June 2018, New project: Investigation of interfacial instabilities of emulsion and stratification, industrial project with POSCO.


• May 2018, A new paper accepted in Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 


• May 2018, A continuous laser (10W) is installed in our lab.  


• May 2018, An additional High-speed camera, FASTCAM AX200, is installed in our lab. 


• May 2018, Gilgu Lee joins the lab. 


• April 2018, Invited Seminar (PI: Dr. Bae Chang Jun) @ KIMS, Changwon.


• April 2018, A new paper published in Langmuir.


• April 2018, Conference trip in Italy for the Rheology conference and short course.


• March 2018, A high-speed camera, FASTCAM AX200, is installed in our lab.


• March 2018, MCR 502 Rheometer is installed in our lab.


• March 2018, New project: Energy-free mixing and particle separation and uniform coating using solutal Marangoni effects, NRF.


• March 2018, New project: Development of 3D parallel printing and coating optimization method for high-performance & compact battery of mobile machine, KAIST.


• March 2018, Junkyu, Kwangseok, Jonghyeok, and Yewan join the lab.


• Spring semester 2018, Lecture: Interfacial Flows.


• March 2018, A new paper published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.


• January 2018, A new paper published in Physical Review Letters.


• Dec. 2017, A new paper published in Nature Communications.

• Nov. 2017, Invited Seminar, Mechanical Engineering (Prof. Steve Wereley) @ Purdue University, USA.

• Fall semester 2017, Lecture: Experimental Thermo- and Fluid-Engineering​.

• July 2017, A new paper published in Nature Physics.


• July 2017, Invited Seminar, Applied Math (Dr. Ian Griffiths) @ Oxford University, UK.


• July 2017, Invited Seminar, Chemical Engineering (Dr. Steven Wang) @ Newcastle University, UK.


• April 2018, Invited Seminar, Process Energy (Prof. Christian Poelma) @ Delft University of Technology, NL.