News & Events



Oct, 2020 - New publication in Physics of Fluids by Ms. Yewan Lee

Oct. 2020 - New research project. Cleaning nanoparticles on bare wafers using Marangoni effects, SAMSUNG

Oct, 2020 - New publication in ACS Nano. Collaboration with Prof. Yoon from Chemistry, KAIST 


Sept, 2020 - New publication in International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer by Mr. Junil Ryu. 


Sept, 2020 - New publication in Nature Communications. Collaboration with Dr. Eujin Um (UNIST) and Prof. Howard Stone (Princeton Univ).  


Sept, 2020 - New publication in Nature Communications. Collaboration with Prof. Y. S. Jeong (Material Science, KAIST). 


Sept. 2020 - Student award. Mahmoud Asem achieved encouragement award of the URP project.

Aug. 2020 - New research project. COVID-19 projects for new negative pressure pump and mask. 


Aug. 2020 - New research project. Liquid metal project with SAMSUNG.  


July, 2020 - New publication in Eur.  Phys. J-Spec. Top. Invited paper.


July, 2020 - URP research member. Mr. Seung Yeob Lee. 


July, 2020 - New individual research member. Siyoung Park, will join.


June, 2020 - New publication in ACS Applied Bio Materials. Collaboration with Prof. Pilnam Kim. (Dept. Bio & Brain Eng.)


May, 2020 - New research project. Immersion lithography project with SAMSUNG. 


March, 2020 - New individual research member. Jin Hyung Noh, joined. (March-May, 2020) 


March, 2020 - New publication in Polymer. Collaboration with Prof. Seung Seob Lee. (ME) 


March, 2020 - New publication in Journal of Colloid and Interface Science (IF = 6.361). by Mr. Jonghyeok Park and Junil Ryu.

Feb., 2020 - New publication in Experiments in Fluids (IF = 2.443). ​Collaboration with Prof. Han Seo Ko. (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

Jan., 2020 - URP research member. Mr. Mahmoud Asem.


Jan., 2020 - Intern research member. Mr. Kyungcheol Jang.